Investment Strategies

OpenMind Capital offers 4 Equity Strategies


- Adapative Smart Beta US Equity Strategy (Launched in February 2016)

- Adaptive Long/Short US Equity Strategy (Launched in February 2016)

- Adaptive Smart Beta EAFE Equity Strategy (Launched in March 2017)

- Adaptive Smart Beta Canadian Equity Strategy (Launched in February 2017)

Our systematic and quantitative stock selection process is based on the concept of free cash flow and dividend payout ratio. Instead of focusing on earnings, we focus first on Cash Flow Metrics and then look at Earnings. We go the other way than most portfolio managers.

The risk profile of the overall strategy is adapted based on volatility regime conditions in the stock market. We use our proprietary Volatility Regime Indicator to increase positions in higher-risk assets/strategies during good volatility regimes and invest in lower-risk assets/strategies during bad volatility regimes.


About Open Mind Capital



Our investment philosophy is based on the concept of Adaptive Investment Approach. This concept is the name given to the investment strategies that under which investors can constantly adjust their investments to reflect market conditions such as the volatility of investments, the return or the current condition of the market (Bull or Bear).

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