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About OpenMind Capital

OpenMind Capital is a high conviction fundamental value-based portfolio manager. Our technology-driven investment platform provides a scalable and repeatable process to understand and analyze what makes a company profitable and a portfolio less susceptible to volatility.

Our stock selection methodology invests primarily in dividend-paying companies with attractive free cash flows and long-term capital growth.

We focus on portfolio construction to build resilient portfolios and provide solutions to systematically manage risk as markets fluctuate.

For over 25 years, the management team of OpenMind have raised and managed more than $15 billion in multiple strategies.


We enrich data with a proprietary investment platform to construct high conviction goal-oriented portfolios

  1. We approach ideas with an open mind
  2. We believe in active management to achieve long-term capital growth
  3. We believe drawdowns must be managed
  4. We believe in a scientific approach to problem-solving
  5. We believe in challenging the status quo


Bringing good ideas to life.

  1. We believe that curiosity is the fuel of life
  2. We believe technology provides the means to separate the wheat from the chaff
  3. We believe in the respectful clash of ideas

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